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Dentalcare West

Established by former All Black, Dr Keith Nelson, Dentalcare West has been caring for patients since 1965. In 2008, the clinic was purchased by Dr Scott Waghorn who later entered into a partnership with Dr James Philpott that has seen Dentalcare West grow to be one of New Zealand's largest dental practices. 

We're based in the heart of Glen Eden – you'll see our big sign as you drive down West Coast road. Our living garden running down the side of the building ties in with a stunning view of the Waitakere Ranges. Smilecare West is home to New Zealand's first 'All on 4' clinic, which offers permanent and reliable replacement for a full set of teeth. We have our own inbuilt theatre which allows us to offer 'sleep dentistry', where medication (such as general anaesthetic and intravenous sedation) is used to help patients relax.

Dentalcare West General Anaesthetic Theatre

In 2016 Dentalcare West unveiled it's very own hospital-grade, general anaesthetic theatre designed especially for advanced dental procedures.

Our specialist anaesthetists and anaesthetic team enable us to perform “Smilecare General Anaesthetic" using a modern and comfortable method total intravenous anaesthesia “TIVA", that involves you being put to sleep without gases (which makes you feel better once awake) and Bispectral index “BIS" monitoring to ensure you are at the perfect level of sedation during treatment.

All-on-4 Clinic New Zealand

As chairman and principal dentist of All On Four Clinic NZ, Dr. Scott is passionate about the benefits of the All-on-4 method of immediate dental implant restoration for patients with advanced dental disease, and for patients who want to avoid dentures or get rid of their dentures. Supported by an experienced team of surgical and support staff and skilled dental technicians, Scott performs All-on-4 and All-on-4 Plus dental implant reconstructions in Auckland.